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Software and services for the logistics industry:
Freightrate and surcharge management, Quotation, Allocation management, Tender management for Sea FCL and LCL, Air and Land transportation


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With the Global Price Management (GPM) solutions package, PLS offers freight forwarders and shippers an environment like no other for storing and working with transportation rates - be it by Sea, Air, Road or Rail. Our powerful extensions then utilizes these rates to help solve other industry challenges, making our customers more effective and successful.


Total Buy and Sell Control

Multi-modal Freight-rate and Surcharge Management application
  • Covers Seafreight FCL and LCL, Airfreight, including Pre- and On-carriages (Merchant‘s and Carrier‘s Haulage), and FTL and LTL haulage.

  • Covers buying and selling tariffs, both generic and customer specific rate agreements, including rebates and VIPs

  • Users can be assigned roles fitting perfectly to their needs and function

  • Best in class tariff administration, allowing you to mirror every carriers logic when applying updates to rates = limited time spent

  • Interfaces seamlessly with your operational and your financial software system through our generic web-service connector.



Manage and share

Manage the process of tenders much more smoothely, by making the procurement of rates and tariffs an online exercise that your vendors and carriers take an active part in. Speeds up your effeciency and lets you concentrate on finding the right service and price combination to win the business.

Allocation Managment

Forecasting and Allocations perfectly meshed together

Input forecasts and automatically have the system compare with available allocations to find optimal weekly allocation plan
  • Control MQC's and ensure carriers receive sufficient bookings

  • Ensure your most important customers are given space

  • Links to the freight rates and thereby optimizes loading according to highest profit margin

  • Rules based engine allows customizations to fit your exact business process



Know everything

Increase analytical capabilities around rates
  • Powerful reporting engine allows aggregation of data and easy distribution to key parties

  • Utilize dashboards to quickly get an overview of your rates and profitability levels  

  • Create and distribute KPIs

  • Full overview of week-to-week performance and alerting in case of upcoming issues



From rate to deal

Provide direct quotes to your customers
  • Create customized quotations directly in GPM

  • Utilize found rates to create quotations quickly

  • Upload complex price sheets and have GPM auto-fill rates according to the customers format

  • Link to your CRM system to easily capture all rate quotes and agreements

  • Monitor profitability levels per customer



Get on the right ship

Connect your Ocean Schedules to GPM, thereby allowing it to become an integral part of your rate search and selection criteria's. Build the schedules into your operational flow to allow you to always chose carrier partners that fit your customers requirements and gets the cargo on time to its destination
Curing the industry's
Demurrage and Detention headache
The new Demurrage and Detention Portal will transform the way D&D is handled, for carriers, freight forwarders and shippers worldwide. By storing all free time agreements that are agreed between the various parties and by factoring in the shipments and status events, our intuitive user interface gives everyone full control of this area of the supply chain. You can now see clearly which shipments are about to incur cost in the coming days and what exact costs other containers are absorbing. This makes it easier to not only prevent D&D from happening, but also ensures everyone understands who should pay what. It has never been easier to tackle!

Flipping Tender Management
on its head!

GPMs new Tender Assistant provides a plug-in for Excel that gives a user access to the full rate functionality of GPM directly within Excel. Whether the customer sheet calls for your company to provide all-in rates and transit information, or if they prefer the charges split out on and different Door and Port combinations to be inserted, the Tender Assistant has you covered. This enables organisations to spend roughly 10 % of their time on filling-in complex tenders and 90 % on figuring out the optimal solutions and pricing for their customers.

„We believe in a world where rate data is seamlessly transmitted between carriers and their customers, thereby removing manual work and errors"

CODE ensures that you no longer have to manually get rates into GPM, as rates are transmitted seamlessly and automatically via EDI from selected carrier partners (VOCC and NVOCC). This is the future of rate management, ensuring highest degree of accuracy and speed for an ever-changing world.
Get started quickly and easily with GPM
As not all carriers can provide rate updates via EDI, PLS offers our customers either the option to update contracts themselves in GPM or to outsource the work to us. Our dedicated back-office team are specialists in working with GPM allowing us to achieve an unprecedented speed and accuracy when working with rate updates. Your benefit is a competitive price and quality and assurance that you can take full advantage of the application.
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