Find out why some of the worlds largest Shippers utilize GPM to help them manage their spend
One global rate product for all modes of transportation
Connect seamlessly with your most important system
Avoid unnecessary costs

So many transportation modes

To move cargo to the end consumer, you typically have to truck, ship and/or fly your products to get them where they need to be.

Let GPM manage all the rates that are behind these products and provide you with the cheapest and fastest alternatives to ensure your goods arrive on time at the best possible price.

Improve go-to-market

As your business expands, it becomes critical to understand what transportation costs are for opening a new lane or a new distribution model.

GPM can help provide this data throughout the organisation so that the business quickly can make educated decisions and thereby focus on improving your global foot-print!

Is Demurrage&Detention a headache?

Avoiding unnecessary costs is key to keeping your annual transportation budget under control and typically in shipping the Demurrage & Detention element is one of the worst offenders.

With GPMs D&D Module, you can keep track of your containers, understand which ones are at risk and in case it cannot be avoided what you need to pay. Never be surprised again!

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