Freight Forwarders

Find out why 12 of the Top 20 Freight Forwarders trust PLS to help them gain an edge!
One Global Rate-, Price- and Allocation Solution
Connect seamlessly with your most important system
Open new sales chanels and increase your margin

It's all in the Rates

The lifeblood of a Freight Forwarder is the ability to buy and sell services with a margin.

GPM is uniquely positioned to support this, as beyond catering for the different types of rates we let forwarders set automatically Minimum Sell Rate levels to ensure that anything sold includes the desired margin. Dont loose out!

Control your business

Operating in a global and fast changing environment has meant that the ability to control what is being done is a critical success factor.

GPM allows a Forwarder to take this to the next level, by setting go-to-market strategies, implementing carrier policies and ensuring that the business you do is profitable.

Optimize your processes

One of the key differentiators today is the ability for a Freight Forwarder to be as productive as possible, leaving more time to service the customers and deal with suppliers.

GPMs ability to interface its data with any kind of application has allowed our customers to optimize their working procedures so that there is more time for the fun stuff.

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