SPOT Rate Handling

Receive instant quotations from your partners to ensure you always know where the market is at
Compare SPOT rates with what you have on hand
Take advantage of changing market dynamics
Combine with other available rates to create the best option

Dynamic pricing is here to stay

More and more transportation providers are offering dynamic prices so that they can change their pricing immediately in accordance with the market developments.

This requires a rate system to not just handle your longer term contracts, but must allow you to compare to what is available in the market at any given time.

Make it full part of your system

When GPM takes in SPOT rates from transportation providers we make the received rate a full part of our system.

This allows us to build a Door-Door rates that are based both on a SPOT rate for one of the transportation legs and on already secured rates for the other legs, so that you can truly find the best and cheapest option for your business.

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