Data is power and we ensure you can harness the full power of GPM
Make the data work for you
Install relevant dashboards to keep track of your business
Connect to other data sources for maximum value

You need to know your business

Whether you are focusing on on rates, allocation or quotations it is critical that you know how you are performing.

The GPM reporting modules lets you setup dashboards and daily/weekly reports that give you a clear picture of how well your business is operating and provide you with sound data to continuously improve.

Data is the new oil

We understand that Data is a vital component for any company today and therefore we do not only limit using the data you have within GPM, but we allow you to add additional sources.

Whether you want to include more data-elements into the GPM Reporting engine or you want us to feed you all the data into your BI/Data Warehouse, the data is there to be harnassed.

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