Rate Management

2 decades worth of experience in delivering best-in-class Rate Management solutions
More than one billion rates managed today
Compare all available transportation options quickly
Select the best supplier and minimize your costs

One Global Rate Data base

With GPM, you have at your fingertips a platform where all your Sea, Air and Land rates can easily be stored and viewed. Add global and local surcharges to the rates, so that you always compare apples-to-apples and find the best way of moving your cargo around the world.

A powerful routing engine

GPMs unprecedented routing engine, automatically provides you with all available options for moving cargo from A to B and the total price and transit time for each option.

Compare across modes to understand the impact of changing from Sea to Air or Rail and make the right decision every time.

The rates are yours to use

We know it is important that you can use the rates in your day-to-day work, so we give you a myriad of ways to access and view the data.

Search for rates via our two intuitive rate search functions or download the data to Excel to work on larger projects. GPM does not limit you! 

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