Quotation Management

Go-to-market in a uniform way and keep track of what is making you successful today
Standardize your sales process
Continue to have the CRM tool as the core
Deliver on your promises

Make sales successful

To give your sales organisation the best environment to be successful in, it is important that they can quickly and easily quote their customers competitive rates.

The GPM Quotation module is made to simplify the sales process, by ensuring that the necessary rates and services can quickly be quoted and that sales need only to think about winning more business.

Standardize your processes

As an organisation it is important that there is clear visibility on what is being sold and to whom, so that you can deliver the required service.

By standardizing your quotation process you gain critical information about what has been offered and accepted, thereby ensuring that you service and invoice the customer as agreed.

Integrate with your CRM

A CRM system is often a core source of information for any Freight Forwarder. Connecting the GPM Quotation module directly into your CRM system via our standard API, allows sales to continue to work as they are used too and to ensure all customer and quotation data is stored where it is meant to be.

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