Price Management

See why many successful Forwarders have adopted the Minimum Sell Rate concept - a core part of GPM
Automatically create Minimum Sell Rates
Blend rates from many suppliers to create the right price
Define the rules to fit your exact strategy

Minimum and Suggested Sell Rates

Understanding how you want to attack the market price-wise is a key challenge for many forwarders.

GPM supports this process by using our advanced Sales Mark-Up logic to automatically create Minimum and/or Suggested Selling Rate levels that your sales team can then take to the market.

Make it match your reality

We have introduced a concept we call Mezzanine Rates, which allows a Forwarder to blend buying rates from different suppliers and then mark this level up as their NVO go-to-market rate level.

This makes it possible to truly mirror the reality that most forwarders work within, without any manual involvement and you can just focus on securing more business.

Incredibly Flexible

Operating in a global environment within many different lines of business, means there is no right price for everything. That is why we have build the Pricing part of GPM in a truly flexible way, so that you can automatically create go-to-market prices that fit your exact need.

Be it creating differentiated rates for separate customer groups or separate trade-lanes or even for specific commodities or days of the week, GPM has you covered!
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