Master Data Services

We know how important proper Master Data is and we are to help you make it work for you
Master Data is the key to making you successful
Providing a total Master Data package
Global Zip-Code database

Live by Master Data, die by Master Data

If thers is one thing that 2 decades in this game has taught it is this -Master Data is key. If you manage this part correctly, then the sky is the limit for how you can work with and leverage the data within GPM.

We know that many companies still struggle here and we therefore offer both our expertise as well as our Master Data tool-box to help you move further!


Many countries utilize a logical zip-code model, allowing inland rates to be linked to them. We have subsequently gathered the zip-codes for more than 30 countries and linked them to their corresponding city locations, so that you can manage your rates in any conceivable format.

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