Digital Forwarding

Take your business to the next evolution of logistics and go Digital
Utilize our expertise to go digital
Open up new Sales Chanels
Quote the right customer, the right prize, at the right time

The next frontier

Customers are increasingly demanding digital services from their partners, forcing all Forwarders to have a strategy for the next age of logistics.

PLS has been at the forefront of these developments since the start and have many years of experience in helping Forwarders build a robust Digital strategy that can help meet the increasing market demands.

New Sales Chanels

Going digital is also a way for a Freight Forwarder to open up new sales channels and serve certain customer segments in new ways.

We have an ever-expanding tool-box that can fit within how exactly you want your digital strategy to look like, so that you just have to decide when you want to go digital and not how.

Rates that fit your strategy

All customers are important, but not all customers are equal in terms of the rate they receive.

GPM is therefore setup to produce rates that fit your different customer segments, to ensure everyone receives the rate that matches them in your view.

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