Demurrage & Detention

Avoid unneccessary costs and ensure you always know what to pay or invoice
Reduce your D&D costs
Avoid unnecessary surprises
Audit invoices from carriers much faster

It’s a pain

Demurrage & Detention costs are often the worst kind of costs, as they come after the fact and often with limited awareness that they are to be expected.

The first step in attacking this problem-area is to understand what Free Time agreements you have in place and therefore what you should pay or if you are a Forwarder what you can also invoice your customers.

Gain visibility

In order to truly combat this problem you need to gain visibility into which containers are at risk and what you should be paying.

Utilizing your Free Time agreements and combining them with your own shipment data, suddenly lets you see in the darkness that is Demurrage & Detention as we can then tell you which containers are at risk and how much you should be paying.

Pay what is right

Often carriers struggle to provide D&D invoices that are both on-time and 100 % accurate.

The D&D module of GPM helps you understand what you should be paying, whereby you can quickly and easily review and approve/dispute the received invoices. Don’t get surprised.

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