Capacity Management

Understand the benefits of controlling your capacity tightly and delivering on your promises
Understand how to optimally book your cargo
Gain insights into future bottle-necks
Deliver what you have promised

Manage your forecasting

In order to properly fulfil your allocation commitments to your carrier partners, it is vital to have an idea how much business you will be expected to move in a given week.

GPM allows you to capture forecasts in a systematic fashion and to see how those forecasts actually compare to real-life performance.

Plan your weeks

Combining the forecast data with available allocation space and sprinkling in how you prioritize your carrier partners and customers in your day-to-day business, lets GPM create for you a Weekly Allocation Plan. This tells you where customers bookings should be placed in a given week, in order to fulfil your commitments to them as well as your carrier partners.

Meant for Slack and Peak Season

During a shipping year, there will be highs and there will be lows, but it is important that you keep supporting your core carrier partners.

GPM provides you with the ability to ensure you always keep with your carrier strategy and that carriers can take your commitments as always being delivered.

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