More than just a rate system!

Rate Management
2 decades worth of experience in delivering best-in-class Rate Management solutions
More than 1 billion rates managed day
Compare all available transportation options quickly
Select the best supplier and minimize your costs
Carrier Data Exchange
Connecting to some of the industries largest suppliers so your data is immediate and accurate
Direct integrations with the largest shipping lines
Access data directly from NVOCCs
Understand how your rates are developing
SPOT Rate Handling
Receive instant quotations from your partners to ensure you always know where the market is at
Compare SPOT rates with what you have on hand
Take advantage of changing market dynamics
Combine with other available rates to create the best option
Price Management
See why many successful Forwarders have adopted the Minimum Sell Rate concept - a core part of GPM
Automatically create Minimum Sell Rates
Blend rates from many suppliers to create the right price
Define the rules to fit your exact strategy
Quotation Mangement
Go-to-market in a uniform way and keep track of what is making you successful today
Standardize your sales process
Continue to have the CRM tool as the core
Deliver on your promises
Demurrage & Detention
Avoid unneccessary costs and ensure you always know what to pay or invoice
Reduce your D&D costs
Avoid unnecessary surprises
Audit invoices from carriers much faster
Capacity Management
Understand the benefits of controlling your capacity tightly and delivering on your promises
Understand how to optimally book your cargo
Gain insights into future bottlenecks
Deliver what you have promised
VGM Integrations
Make sure you are never short-shipped and that you always comply
Direct integrations to + 60 Ocean Carriers
Speed up your internal processes
Never get left behind
Digital Forwarding
Take your business to the next evolution of logistics and go Digital
Utilize our expertise to go digital
Open up new Sales Chanels
Quote the right customer, the right prize, at the right time
Data is power and we ensure you can harness the full power of GPM
Make the data work for you
Install relevant dashboards to keep track of your business
Connect to other data sources for maximum value

GPM Additional Services

Master Data Services
We know how important proper Master Data is and we are to help you make it work for you
Master Data is the key to making you successful
Providing a total Master Data package
Global Zip-Code database
Total API Connectivity
See how some of the largest companies have benefitted from integrating GPM data into their E2E processes
Take advantage of our total API package
Intergrate seamlessly with every important system
Digitize your business