Digital Eco-System

For 2 decades PLS has specialized in Rate- and Allocation Management software and has brought some of the best products in the market to life. This focus has meant that there are other solution areas that we have decided not to pursue, but where we know that our customers still want to integrate for that work seamlessly with their GPM application.
Utilizing the power of GPMs API capabilities and understanding how important it is for our customers to be able to act digitally to survive, we have strived to connect GPM with a multitude of other software providers over the years. This allows our customers to tap easily and quickly into the new generation of logistics and benefit seamlessly from the services that the new-tech of logistics can offer.

Direct Carrier Connections

Direct integrations with carriers is a key to optimize the processes of our customers and we have therefore over the past years worked hard to connect to partners for both our VGM and direct rate (CoDE) products.

We also firmly believe that the industry players will only continue to increase their capabilities here and this is therefore a key focus area for PLS in the years to come.

Industry connectors

Integrating quickly and seamlessly is of course a key component of creating a Digital Eco-System. And even though we have standard APIs available we know that taken advantage of these can often come down to resources at the customers side.

We therefore partner with industry connectors who have standard interfaces available to leading systems in the market that the customer can then from Day 1 benefit from without having to built these interfaces themselves.

Operational System Integrations

Utiliying the rate and allocation data directly in your operational environment will drastically improve your productivity and accuracy and often ensure that you increase your margin.

GPM comes with out of the box APIs to let operators directly chose in the TMS from all available shipping options to ensure they make the optimal decision for your business.

Schedule Providers

Scheduling is a notorius difficult area within shipping and especially with the past years having seen an increased frequency in routing and vessel changes.

PLS lets you use the best available data for solving these problems within GPM, so that can better determine what your options are and what the different choices available means for you in terms of transit time and price.

Surcharge Providers

Understanding what you have to pay to a shipping line is always dependent on whether you know what surcharges are being applied and their amounts.

As this can be cumbersome to keep track off, VATOS line provides a global surcharge data for carriers general tariff levels. This data is then directly integrated into GPM, making it easier to ensure your rates are complete and you always compare apples-to-apples.

CRM tools

A CRM tool is one of the key tools within any successful organisation and your customer related data should always stay there.

We have therefore built standard APIs to CRM platforms that can easily be integrated, so that your sales teams can keep working there while utilizing the power of GPM for securing new business.

Rate Benchmarking

For years it was very limited what rate data was available in the market beyond what customers negotiated themselves. However, with the introduction of Xeneta the FCL rate market started to become significantly more trransparent.

Integrating their data directly into GPM, allows our customers to always compare their currently negotiated prices with what is available in the market + utilize the data fully within the GPM suite of products.

Tender Management

For many Freight Forwarders, the handling of tenders can take a lot of time even when they have the rates within a tool like GPM.

In order to solve this, GPM can be linked to a tender platform that handles the heavy lifting of the tender itself, whereas GPM acts as the rate repository for both suggested selling levels and the actually secured lanes.

Digital Forwarding Platforms

A core part of a Digital Eco-System is the the ability to let your customers act digitally with you. Over the past years many companies have therefore developed their own platforms, whereas others have sought to purchase expertise from up and coming software providers.

GPM has a unique ability to feed these systems with the required rate-, allocation- and schedule data allowing the digital front-end to immediately be tailored to your exact go-to-market strategy.
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