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Christian Sorensen
Global Head of Marketing & Sales
Optimizing the Management of Tenders
The days of managing tenders by spreadsheets are over. New solutions, driven by technology, have entered the market making spreadsheets inefficient and mundane. Indeed, for the freight forwarder, today’s trade environment is constantly in motion and is continuously evolving. But, the freight forwarder still finds himself spending a considerable amount of time managing tenders and as a result often employs large organizations to handle tender management.

Juggling the Spreadsheets
Nothing is really wrong with spreadsheets but when one is working in any fast pace industry in which trade is imperative, then there’s a problem. The success ratio of tender management is often low and it is difficult to get everything done on time due to the sheer amount of work and different people involved. Not to mention exceptions that will come up. There will be something that goes not exactly according to plan and response time will be critical and negotiations can be time consuming.

In addition, customer formats and requirements will vary and forwarders will often find themselves having to grab information from a number of different systems in order to comply with customer requirements.

Alternative Solution
Portrix Logistic Software (PLS)’s Global Price Management (GPM) platform has the capabilities of easing forwarders’ tender management pains. For example, PLS has created a bespoke Excel extension for its Global Price Management (GPM) package. With Tender Assistant, optimized shipping rates are automatically sourced from GPM and inputted into Excel tender documents. This reduces workloads, increases productivity and revolutionizes a laborious process that is the bane of freight forwards and carriers worldwide.

Another great service within GPM is the new Quotation Workflow which allows forwarders to locate the best rates. All the user does is to send an internal request via GPM to ask for rate updates. This eliminates the need for back-and-forth emailing and ensures that the eventual rate changes are captured in GPM so they can be used for operational purposes and everyone involved in the tender process is clear on who has quoted what and when.

According to CEO and founder of PLS, Henning Voss, “Tender Management today is, to some extent, stuck in the dark ages. It’s a manual, time consuming, frustrating and expensive process for both freight forwarders and carriers, all of whom have to employ teams specifically to search for the right rates for individual quotes and fill in a myriad of Excel sheets. These teams spend 90% of their time doing this and only 10% reviewing and analyzing the final tender proposals to ensure they are optimal.”

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